Interactive and engaging contests that drive increased participation

Boost partner engagement, loyalty and program participation by implementing game elements alongside your promotions that inspire friendly competition and the opportunity to earn more rewards.

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workstride spin-to-win

Games of Chance

Upon reaching certain sales milestones, participants can be given additional chances to earn rewards by gaining entry to various sweepstakes such as a random drawing for a prize or a spin-to-win widget, which provides an interactive way to win rewards instantly.

workstride sales leaderboard


Leaderboards can provide good visibility into the competition and can be especially effective if you offer a prize for the top three, five, or ten sales reps, especially if you tailor the leaderboards to smaller segments your participants, such as a particular region or store.

Use game elements in conjunction with standard and custom sales promotion types keep participants entertained and motivated.



Our clients are using a wide variety of promotion types to successfully hit their channel sales goals.

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