Data Validation & Fraud Prevention

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that sales recorded were sales completed

Our data validation engine helps maintain your program integrity.

WorkStride is the leader in fraud-free programs with our innovative proof-of-sale system.

Enjoy peace of mind with a secure sales data submission process and multiple layers of validation—no matter how the data comes to us. Admins can stay confident that the completed sales they see are authentic results.

Secure Claims Submission

Program participants can easily submit claims via the platform. Data gets validated during and after submission to ensure data integrity.

The submission form can include all requirements such as SKUs of eligible products, documentation attachments, quantities, and more.

Sales Validation

WorkStride provides several methods to improve the user experience of both the administrators and the participants by eliminating manual processes, while assuring integrity of the results.

Integration with your POS or CRM systems further automates sales validations.

Data Capabilities

Integrate via API with your other sales tools to allow automated flow of data and single sign-on capability.

Allow sales entry via batch upload, per sale via the sales widget, or via a system integration.

Use self-registration or auto-registration of users via a third-party system or a data upload from flat files.

Expert Professional Services

Enjoy ongoing, unmatched support of your strategic and technical needs throughout the life of your program when you partner with WorkStride. Receive a consultative program framework, launch plan, and experienced support team that will be with you every step of the way. We ensure your program is set up for success in design, enrollment, continued participation, growth and positive ROI.

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