Social Recognition & Engagement

Recognize positive behaviors and encourage interaction

Employee Engagement

Reinforce positive channel activity and keep them informed


your channels and company with encouraging recognition, even after formal promotions end


your product and brand values with targeted materials


with unique, company branded awards and communications that stick


award activity and consumption of materials in your program

Keep Your Channel Performing Through Social Engagement and Targeted Communication

Encourage future behaviors through recognition
Incentives tend to award past action while non-monetary forms of recognition are an effective means of encouraging future action. Keep motivation high in-between promotions and reinforce positive behaviors by leveraging social recognition, gamification and social stream capabilities.

Strong communication helps instill loyalty and expertise
Help your partners speak your language and sell even better. Easily engage channels with tailored, branded materials and communications about your company values, products and programs running. Measure participation so you could highlight and recognize top players and further engage up-and-comers. 

Cross-platform integration
Stimulate other existing sales tools by linking them up with your program site – seamless single sign-on capability across platforms means all of your tools get more leverage.

Impactful social recognition

Choose to include a layer of social recognition in your program. Allow direct employess at your company to acknowledge positive behaviors of indirect reps everyday with monetary rewards or non-monetary recognition.

Non-monetary options like social recognition, badges, e-cards and more help your indirect organization, customer support, field sales or more feel noticed, motivated and loyal to your core values that drive business success.

Your indirect teams can visualize all recognition moments in live social stream on their programs’ homepage, motivating others to emulate valuable behaviors.

Motivate through continuous praise

The most impactful programs keep going after your promotions end. They also save monetary rewards for truly impactful actions. Ongoing achievements can be recognized by managers and peers with e-cards, social posts, badges, or “win stories” that are shared throughout channel network and/or whole company.

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