Education & Training

Training and education to empower your sales reps and partners

Education & Training

Training and education to empower your sales reps and partners

Increase Brand Mindshare with Education and Rewards

Channel incentive programs are often limited to rewarding direct sales behavior—sell this, get that. But there is value in providing incentives for behavior that goes beyond the point of sale.

Our interactive and configurable training module motivates indirect reps to engage in key training that helps them sell your products better and consistently keep your offerings top of mind during customer interactions.

You can also use WorkStride’s content toolkit to get the right information to the right people, accessible all the time and from any device.

WorkStride’s training module allows you to host sales training materials with content such as videos and quizzes. Training can be a required qualifier to start participating in promotions or can auto-trigger a reward for successful completion.

WorkStride’s toolkit module helps you to strategically align your content with your channel incentive program goals. Admins can customize platform content by uploading, editing, and removing resources as needed, and program participants have a central location to view these resources.

Both the training and toolkit modules can be targeted at specific program participants using our Audience Builder tool, ensuring the right content is seen by the right people.

Additional Features

Single sign-on with your existing LMS or intranet

Self-registration gathers user information for all of your programs

Reporting module lets you see who is engaging with your content and the results they achieve

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