Sales Promotions

Interactive and engaging promotions that drive loyalty and performance

Sales Promotions

Interactive and engaging rewards promotions that drive loyalty and performance

Tailored sales incentive programs that encourage participation

WorkStride offers customizable, out-of-the-box promotions ready to go. With WorkStride, create and manage interactive promotions your way. Run a single promotion, or multiple at once, to groups or segments of your choosing. Exciting promotions with built-in gamification and motivating rewards engage your participants and keep them coming back for more.

For each specific promotion, administrators can segment users by any number of criteria, including name, store, region, geography, and more, ensuring that only those people who should qualify for the promotion are able to see them in the platform.

Build and run multiple promos with promotion builder

WorkStride puts the power to create tactical incentive promotions in the hands of program administrators. You can set the promotion details and choose your target group of sales reps or partners—only the selected participants will see your contest. Promotions are easily customized to fit your brand.

Standard promotions are built to attract, engage and encourage continued participation with gamification and exciting reward options.

Our expert support is there throughout the life of your program to help implement, launch, maintain and further customize tailor-made promotions to fit your unique requirements.

Some other promotions currently running for clients include:

Traditional SPIFFs



Grand Prize

Earn more loyalty from dealer principals with engaging promotions

Impactful loyalty promotions for principals to earn rewards for purchasing loyalty, visualize progress, goals, and more.

Rewards That Motivate Action

channel reward girft cards

Gift Cards

A tremendous selection of retail stores, hotels, restaurants, online sites and reloadable gift cards

Prepaid Cards

Endless options for how recipients use their reward

Cash Options

Safe dispersion of online payments to program users

merchandise incentives


Branded merchandise, company products, coupons/discounts and more

Host a blended program to drive more success

Diversify your program with distributor, sales rep and consumer-level offerings under one roof.

Sales Incentives






Provide users with a targeted and unique experience

Engage users and keep them coming back for more. Run tailored promotions and content to different segments—by product, region, role and more. Users can access the program anywhere, at any time, through multiple devices.

Technical Capabilities

Single sign-on technology allows your participants to get up and running using logins from existing tools, like your company’s intranet, CRM, LMS, POS and more.

Simple self-registration allows end users to get started seamlessly, while delivering you the participant data points you need.

Reporting module provides constant transparency into how your programs are performing, who is participating and more.

Expert Program Support

Ongoing unmatched support of your strategic and technical needs throughout the life of your program. Receive a consultative program framework, launch plan and experienced support team every step of the way. We ensure your program is setup for success in design, enrollment, continued participation, growth and positive ROI. 

Expert Program Support

Ongoing unmatched support of your strategic and technical needs throughout the life of your program.

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