Partner Loyalty Programs

Keep channel partners engaged, loyal, and motivated to sell

Build partner loyalty to increase sales.

WorkStride enables you to keep your partners engaged and motivated to purchase and/or sell more of your offerings through a user-friendly, centralized platform. Create targeted loyalty promotions to groups or segments of your choosing.

Easily track, engage and educate your channel network to increase loyalty to your brand and to increase mindshare. Your participants and administrators are equipped with real-time dashboards and reporting to track personal, team, and total partner progress against goals.

Building Partner Loyalty

Transform your partner relationships and their dedication to your brand by creating and managing engaging promotions, contests and communications with your partners.

Give your partners the opportunity to earn rewards and rebates based on purchase loyalty and sales performance. You can easily collect and validate claims, track and show progress, and reward partners with quick payouts.

You can also build mindshare through the use of training modules that include rewards for completion, thereby motivating your partners while educating them on your products.

Get real-time program insights.

Program data is available at your fingertips with intuitive and robust reporting that allows you to monitor sales claims, determine progress against goals, and more.

Expert Professional Services

Enjoy ongoing, unmatched support of your strategic and technical needs throughout the life of your program when you partner with WorkStride. Receive a consultative program framework, launch plan, and experienced support team that will be with you every step of the way. We ensure your program is set up for success in design, enrollment, continued participation, growth and positive ROI.

Technical Capabilities

Single sign-on technology allows for integration with your existing tools like your company’s intranet, CRM, LMS, and POS.

Simple self-registration allows end users to get started seamlessly, while delivering you the participant data points you need.

Data validation ensures the integrity of your program’s completed sales and purchases made.

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